She was never known to be a dancer, but Preity Zinta is gearing up to judge a dance reality show Nach Baliye 7. Tell her that and she will have you know that she is a “fantastic” dancer who never got the opportunity to showcase her talent to the fullest. If there’s one thing the dimpled actress has in abundance, it’s her zest for life and her chutzpah. Here, she takes all questions related to song and dance with some really witty answers. Over to the phataka Preity…

How would you rate yourself as a dancer?
I am fantastic. Have you heard anybody say they are bad?

No, seriously?
I can’t believe you are saying ‘No, seriously?’ Like, seriously!

But you were never known as a dancer like Madhuri Dixit or Shilpa Shetty…
Now, if I got powerful roles that did not require me to dance, what could I do? Veer Zaara had no dancing, nor did Dil Chahta Hai, or for that matter Kya Kehna. There were some dances in Soldier. I played a journalist in Lakshya, a prostitute in Chori Chori, which had some dance. My roles were character-driven, but somehow those characters didn’t dance. I love to dance, but I was never given opportunities to dance so much. However, now, that you have said this, mere andar ka dancer jaag utha! May be, I will do a film ABCDZ dancing till Z!

Who according to you is the best dancer – male and female?
It has to be Hrithik among the males. He doesn’t have calcium in his bones, he has rubber! I know he is being raved about for his dances in Bang Bang, but I think his dance in Dhoom 2 is something else altogether. He is my friend and I absolutely adore him but I was like wow – I became a fan of his after that. Among females it’s Aishwarya (Rai Bachchan). From Nimbooda (Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam) to Dhoom, there is no better Indian dancer than her. She is perfect like a doll – not a plastic one, but with life in it. She is equally amazing in Western dances. However, the one who is slightly better than both of them is me! This is to ground them just in case they start smiling too much after reading this. (Laughs)

If you had to pick a dance partner, it would be…
Hrithik (Roshan). And if I am allowed two partners then even Aishwarya (Rai Bachchan).

Name three songs of yours that you see yourself dancing to?
Every song of mine makes me dance. But if you ask me three songs, then the first would have to be Where’s The Party Tonight (Kabhi Alvida Na Kehnaa). The second would be Tera Rang Balle (Soldier). Whenever they play that song, I jump up and start dancing it is addictive and so much fun. The third would be Jiya Jale because it has a different vibe. It’s another thing ke ab tak oil khatam ho gaya aur diya jal gaya hai. It’s become a solar lamp!

What is your favourite dance style?
It’s free style – when you just go out there and have fun.

What made you take up the dance reality show Nach Baliye7 ?
The fact that it is not just a dance reality show anymore. It focuses a lot more on other things like the Baliye part and the relationship. I can’t tell you more than that, because sachchi too much ho jayega.

Judges often end up performing on the show. Will we see you also dancing?
Don’t expect to see anything that you have seen before. This whole format is different. If you feel it will have the predictability of a ‘judge has to dance’, you won’t see that. Though when I had gone on the sets of Masterchef, maine dance kar diya. They completely booby-trapped me. When I was on stage, they said, ‘Can you please do something for us?’ and I ended up dancing.

How tough a judge will you be on a scale of one to ten?
Ask me how fair I will be, not the fairness creamwala! (Laughs) I will be very fair and ethical. As for how tough, you have to rate me. I am going to be myself. I am not that kind of a person, who believes in belittling someone. I believe that the best performance comes out when you encourage them, not when you are mean to them.

The song that always makes you get up and dance is…
Of late it’s Subah Hone Na De/Tu Mera Hero (Desi Boyz). They played this song outside my house on Baisakhi and whenever I hear it, I start dancing.

You will be juggling the show and IPL, right?
Yes, and with a heavy heart, will miss one or two games because of the shoot.

Isn’t your film Bhaiyyaji Superhitt with Sunny Deol delayed?
Not really. However, unlike other films which complete in one year, this will take one-and-a-half year or slightly longer. We start shooting after the IPL and when Sunny finishes shooting his film (Ghayal sequel).

What is your role in the film?
It’s a UP-based don film and I play a phataka!