Sidharth MalhotraActor Sidharth Malhotra discusses his personal style and closet essentials

What does style mean to you? How do you interpret your personal style?

Style is something which you are comfortable in. You don’t have to make too much effort to get noticed. While shopping, always  consider your body type.

You come from a modelling background. How do you interpret fashion?
It’s great to pull of different colours each season. However, over the years, I’ve realised that a simple white tee and jeans can look great if you’re in shape. I enjoy wearing tuxes and jackets.

Share your closet essentials
I have classic pieces like black shirts, black T-shirts, V-necks, fitted jeans, high-top shoes. I do try and update it once in a while.

How do you put together a look?
For promotional events, my stylist dresses me, but for a regular night out I just wear T-shirts which I like.

Do you have a penchant for accessories?
I have a huge collection of shoes and watches.

Do you swear by any designer or high street labels?
Diesel is one of the coolest brands. Now I’m able to afford Dolce & Gabbana which makes very cool T-shirts. High street brands like Zara and H&M are great too.

What according to you are the common mistakes that most guys make?
Wearing white socks with black shoes is very odd. (laughs) Only MJ could perform in that combo.

What maketh a man — shoes or a watch?
Shoes because most ladies look at a man’s shoes first.

Who are your style icons?
Growing up, I admired Milind Soman and Arjun Rampal — both of them have great physique. When Hrithik Roshan came, he experimented a lot with fashion onscreen. Amitabh Bachchan was the first to wear trench coats in Hindi films. I think they have all added something to fashion.

Which city according to you is the fashion capital of the world?
New York as it always has the correct mix of grungy and stylish. I have shopped at some boutiques in France that only make only eight to 10 pieces so you know it’s exclusive stuff.