Shahid Kapoor Interview

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What is style according to you?
Style is an extension and expression of your own personality. Once you are comfortable with who you are the clothes that you wear, the interiors of your house, your car, perfume, watch, phone…it all reflects, states your style. I feel style shouldn’t be borrowed. It should always come from within. That’s when it becomes original…your own. Originality always stands out.

Your grooming kit contains:
A trimmer. Being an actor I need to keep changing the style of my stubble so it’s very important. It would also have an electric toothbrush, one hair product, chapstick (cause my lips get dry), and my perfume.

A grooming essential you can’t live without.
My hair product because whenever I grow my hair I need it.

How often do you upgrade your closet?
I do it once or twice a year, mostly when I have some time when I am travelling abroad. And also when my designer Kunal Rawal feels that my clothes are getting out of fashion, he updates them. And steals half of my clothes.

Do you follow trends or like to break rules?
If you can carry off something you should wear it without worrying about what people would say. It’s all about how you carry an attire. Sometimes the most amazing style statements are most surprising because you don’t expect people to wear it so well. It makes that ensemble exciting.

How do you put together an ensemble?
If it’s a casual event, I pick up stuff from my wardrobe. However, for award functions or formal events, Kunal puts together my clothes because our tastes are similar. He is very young and not very conventional in the way he dresses me and I like that. There are times when I ask him whether I should really be wearing something, but he manages to convince me. And most of the time it gets appreciated. He understands what to put on me.

Which cities according to you are the style capitals?
Spain, Milan, Berlin, London. In India, Goa has a chilled out vibe, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

One designer label that is a closet essential and why?
D Stress by Kunal Rawal.

Your favourite accessories?
I have this one chain in my neck all the time. Many people have asked me where is it from. Frankly, I don’t remember either, but it’s my comfort zone. Maybe like dogs need collars, I need this chain…it makes me feel comfortable. If I leave home without it I feel very uncomfortable.

Shoes or watches?
I love shoes, but I largely wear keds. As for watches, I like big chunky watches.

Any style tip you’d like to share for today’s fashion conscious men?
It’s nice to try the unexpected.