She may have turned 49 recently, but Salma Hayek is every bit the sex symbol she was 20 years ago, and her Evening Standard cover shot provides plenty of proof.


The “Desperado” dame wears goodies from the likes of Theory, Celine and Mulberry in her photo spread, hinting that she’s ready for some downtime- “I was thinking last night that maybe next year, when I finish the two or three films I’m working on, I’m going to take it easy and just go to the spa every day… but it would be so boring. No? I guess it’s not altogether me.”

Salma also confesses that just because she doesn’t make a big show of it, she enjoys doing charity work- “I work behind the scenes and there’s a lot of work you don’t see. I love it, but sometimes you want to help and make a difference but there are so many things that have to align to make even one small change.”

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