Kapil Sharma’s ‘Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon’ trailer: More tacky than funny!

From a person who’s created magic on the small screen with a brilliant Comedy Nights with Kapil, Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon falls flat on its face…

Trailer - Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon

Kapil Sharma’s Comedy Nights with Kapil on the small screen is a blockbuster hit. And that has ensured producers – Ratan and Ganesh Jain and Abbas-Mustan-  to pool in money to launch the comedian as the male lead for their next film, titled Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon. A comedy of errors, one which you would usually expect Kapil to triumph, the trailer seems more like a snooze fest. From a person who’s created magic on the small screen with a brilliant Comedy Nights with Kapil, Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon falls flat on its face. Understandably so. After all, every TV star can’t be SRK. Sorry Kapil!

Here’s why we give Kapil’s trailer a big thumbs down!

Tried and tested formula

The plot line has nothing new to offer. There’s no novelty attached. A person having multiple affairs and trying to balance them has been tried and tested in several films in the past. Whether it’s the much loved Saajan Chale Sasural or the hilarious Garam Masala, such formulaic films have definitely worked wonders. But there have also been films like Shaadi No.1, made on an almost similar concept, that has bitten the dust. Overall, KKPK has nothing that you haven’t seen or heard before on the 70mm screen. Except Kapil!

Shoddy presentation

The trailer gives an insight into what the film has to showcase. Too much of colour thrown in here, there, everywhere, the film is laced with some shoddy one-liners. And trust me, these might sound really funny on CNWK, given the funny characters involved on the show. But talk about the silver screen, the jokes fall flat and are hardly funny. Twisting a ‘Kyu Buddhe’ to ‘Cute Buddhe’, or offering Sachin Tendulkar’s music CDs (no they don’t exist!) to someone who is deaf, Kapil, your standard of comedy is much higher than this. As for Sachin, even he’s going to go Aila over this! We bet.

Tacky, not funny!

Kapil Sharma is possibly the most famous comedian of the small screen today. At a time when comedy shows were fast losing pace, Kapil introduced his version of a mad cap comic caper and took the small screen by a storm. Soon, his CNWK rose on the TRP charts and the characters on his show were more recognised. That was the TV show. Period. But with KKPK, Kapil seems to have taken the shoddier, tackier route to stardom. From the very execution to the presentation and even the dialogues, everything that we see in the trailer is more tacky than being funny. You cringe more than you laugh and that is half the battle lost.

Check out the trailer right here:

Source – dnaindia.com

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