Irrfan Khan can do anything. Now, take a pause, turn that piercing gaze to the person standing opposite you and say it again, Irrfan Khan can do anything. He can play a daku or a policeman, a billionaire owner of a dinosaur park or a middle class man living a humdrum existence in Mumbai. He does all of that without breaking a sweat. Sometimes Irrfan does it so well, we wonder why we don’t see more of him in those Rs 100-crore films. Well, he has starred in Rs 1000-crore ones out there in Hollywood but that is a story for another day.

For now, he has gone Hindi Medium as a Chandni Chowk, Hindi-speaking man whose life is Hindi but wife is English. He needs the crowd that lives off viral videos to go watch his film so he met his AIB buddies again.

Watch Hindi Medium actor Irrfan Khan’s new AIB meme video: